Milk and Doughnuts

Is anyone else indulging themselves with some doughnuts and milk this Saturday morning? When it comes to breakfast my husband and I are complete opposites, if we had to pick he would go to Krispy Kreme and I would choose Cracker-barrel. Ben is all about some doughnuts where I would prefer biscuits and gravy any day.

This week we made doughnuts and milk cookies to match an invitation. I LOVE when clients send me invites that is seriously the best inspiration ever. Not only does the invite help me to make the perfect cookies (since all the info is right in my face), I feel that any time you can refer back to the invitation with your party design you end up with a much more cohesive party.

These adorable invites were created by Three Little Monkeys Studio .


Here is our cookie and icing lineup…IMG_2137

For the doughnuts cookies, this circle cutter comes in a nesting set with I believe six other circles, this particular circle is the second largest in the set. For the middle I used a small circle cutter.

When creating doughnut cookies you have the decision to make of whether you are going to just let your cookie stand in as the tan cake part of the doughnut or are you going to flood the tan and then go over again with the doughnut frosting. I have decided that my cookies need the icing, I absolutely love my cookie recipe, but it is very much a shortbread tasting cookie, so for my sweet toothed clients they may not be sweet enough. Another added plus to icing is that the water in the icing will help keep that soft bite in your cookies. Remember the thicker the icing the smaller amount of added water so thicker icing will tend to have a denser bite (not necessarily hard).


I think these turned out super cute and enjoy!




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