Molli’s Angels Fundraiser Cookies

We had the privilege to make cookies for a fundraiser this week. The St Patrick’s Day cookies that I posted earlier this week along with the cookies below were shipped to North Carolina.



I would rather this post focus on the reason for the fundraiser, which was for Molli, a brave young lady going through Stage 2B Adenocarcenoma Pancreatic Cancer. Now I do not know Molli, but you can tell by looking through her photos and from what the coordinators of the fundraiser have told me that she has an amazing spirit and a soul that just shines.

Molli was diagnosed in 2014, her diagnosis is not very good at all. This story gets even more heart wrenching by learning that Molli is only 32 years old and has been married to her amazing husband for four years. Right before the diagnosis the two were thinking about starting a family. After surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy back in 2014 Molli found out earlier this year that the cancer had returned and there are no more options for treatment. Molli only has a few more months to live. Her husband quit his job so he could spend every moment with his beloved.

Molli has an incredible team behind her in North Carolina, they are called “Molli’s Angels.” These extraordinary people are stepping in to ensure that this couple can truly love and enjoy each other with no worries. They came together for a St Patrick’s Day bowling fundraiser with a bake sale and raffle; I got word that they raised over $3,000!


Molli has a Go Fund Me if any of you feel inclined to donate. And please keep this family in your prayers. Here is Molli’s Angels Facebook page if you would like to follow her story.




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