Disney on Ice on a Budget…Somewhat

For Jett’s third Birthday we took the boys to see Disney on ice. Since moving we haven’t made many friends so a little family adventure seemed like a wonderful thing, especially before baby Olive makes her grand appearance.


Our Disney on Ice experience was in The Verizon Center in the heart of D.C.. We decided to brave D.C. and actually drive into the city since we were going on a Sunday, because ya know, D.C. isn’t busy on a holiday weekend or anything. Driving into D.C. was an experience on its own. While my husband was intensely concentrating on the traffic, I was given the job of navigation and yes, I had us turn off into The Pentagon instead of our exit…oops. iPhone maps are great but for some reason my perception of distance still gets us all turned around. We eventually made it to our destination and in plenty of time, thank you very much!

For a family of four Disney on Ice was a fairly big investment. We dropped $130 for four tickets and that included my husband’s cooperate discount. Ticket prices seem to range from about $20 to $100 per person depending on your event arena and those lovely processing fees (we had $9 worth of fees). Also, don’t forget to account for paying for parking if needed.

So how much should you drop for tickets and where is best to sit? If you can’t afford those amazing floor seats do your best to get in the first section. We were on the last row of the first section and I feel like my kids wouldn’t have enjoyed it much at all nor would they have paid attention if we were any higher. I also recommend trying to get seats in the center of the show. Disney on Ice does not use the whole ice rink, they divide it in half so keep that in mind.

Here was my first and in my opinion my only mistake in our Disney on Ice adventure…there are multiple themes that are offered (5 currently). My husband heard that Disney on Ice was coming to our area on Jett’s birthday so we jumped on the opportunity, especially after learning that we could score a discount. Our theme was Dream Big, Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse hosted the show as Tinker bell showed us through some of Disney’s most beloved princess tales. All the stories were told in a really fun and unique way. Some stories they went more in-depth on than others and of course the main focus at the end was Frozen, which in my opinion they spent too much time on. My little guys really enjoyed the show without a doubt but they would have much rather seen Woody, Buzz and the gang from Cars.

Photo Credit: Disney on Ice

We arrived to our show about 25 minutes early, which was plenty of time. Our venue didn’t have any pre show entertainment, besides 10 minutes before two ice skaters came out with a toy they were trying to sell. Seats didn’t start to fill up till about 10 minutes before show time, even then, I’d say it wasn’t really FULL till about 5 minutes after the start time.

Speaking of time, the show is just shy of two hours with a 15-minute intermission.

If you are going in on a budget, my advice to you would be to come well repaired. They will search your bags at the entrance but I was able to sneak in two little packages of gummies, perfect for intermission. Food at this event is outrageously expensive. We went in expecting to purchase some cotton candy (since it was his birthday) but EVERY food item comes with a junky novelty toy, even the cotton candy came with an Olaf hat which cost $15, yeah, the hubby wasn’t going to go for that.


Glow wands and other toys are also super popular at the event and I can guarantee that you will be asked to purchase one. I did a little research ahead of time and learned that we can indeed bring in toys. I purchased our glow wands ahead of time and it was a huge money saver. I found our Tinker Bell glow wands on the Disney Store web site. They are $15 each and I lucked into free shipping. The venue sells various toys for $22+.


Overall Disney on Ice was a wonderful experience for my 3 and 4-year-old. The characters are incredibly talented skaters and it was full of special effects such as swinging from the ceiling, mini fireworks, a fire breathing dragon, along with snow and bubbles coming from the ceiling. It was a great opportunity to give them a sneak preview of Disney magic.



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