My Simplified Quiet Time

This season of life seems so busy and so full of worries. With our finances being tight and struggling with being away from family and friends there has been so much worrying on my heart, I’m sure it has nothing to do with being almost 7 months pregnant.

1 Peter 5-7 “give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.” Can I just state that one more time HE CARES ABOUT YOU, how crazy is that, that God can care so much for someone so messed up as me, I seriously feel that I fail myself, my kids, and my husband at least once a day.

For me to be able to give all those worries and cares to God is for me to start my morning with a quiet time. Now, let me start by saying I am no professional at talking to God, I actually think I kind of stink at it. Some days as I scroll through Facebook and Instagram I feel that my quite time is inferior to those who draw/paint beautiful pictures in their Bibles or those stay at home moms that wake up BEFORE their kids and get a true quite time. Yes, I know a proactive mom probably wakes up, fixes breakfast, does miscellaneous chores AND participates in her quiet time all before the tornado of kids wakes up, but that’s just not in the cards for me right now…I need my sleep to be the best mom I can be during the day, anyways that’s another post for another day.

So what does my mess of a quiet time look like…

My quiet time happens at breakfast. The boys are usually eating their Cheerios with blue berries watching Daniel Tiger while I sit at the table with my cereal and OJ. It’s not the quietest quiet time by any means, I tell the boys that I am spending time with Jesus so they usually are fairly respectful of that (as much as a 4 and 2 year old can be).


Currently I am reading Too Blessed to Be Stressed: 3-Minute Devotions for Women By Debora Coty. The book is a perfect start to my quiet time. It helps ground me and focuses me in on God. This book is also very encouraging and even has a little humor every once and a while. The idea of the book is that you would spend one minute reading and meditating on the verse of scripture, the second minute is for the devotional and the third for prayer. I will say I dig in a little longer than three minutes. When I read the scripture I go back in the bible about 5 verses so I can grasp a little background on the verse itself. I also have recently started writing down all my prayer request/worries. There is something so real about putting it on paper, like I am making it permanently Gods.


I incorporate my 360 Big Happy Planner in my quiet time as well. Every day I write a brief quote along with the reference verse in my planner at the top of each day. I do this to make sure that every time I look at my planner to see who I am supposed to call or what time that doctors appointment is I always have that brief reminder of Gods love amongst the meal planning and activities. My prayer requests are on notes that can be inserted into my planner, that way they can be constantly edited and added to.

Like I mentioned my quiet time is nowhere near perfect, but I know that for now that’s okay. Some days I get 10 minutes and others I only have 5 but as long as I am meeting with Jesus and putting my worries at the foot of the cross then I take that as a success.

Much Love,



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