Simplifying Grocery Shopping

I am starting to get a little overwhelmed by everything that has to get accomplished in the THREE short months before Olive’s arrival. Where did the past six months go?


I am busy making lists of all the things that need to get accomplished and purchased. We are completely starting over with this little one since we currently have a house full of boys, gone are the days of hand me downs.

I am completely shocked at how fast baby trends have changed. In just three years there are many new products (apparently every blanket needs to be muslin or bamboo and organic) and a handful of products I previously liked are now on the list of items NOT to purchase.

Needless to say this is making my simplification a little more complicated. But I am going to conquer and attempt to prevail.

In connection with my previous post about simplifying your meals and using Six Sisters Meal Plans (don’t forget to use CONFETTI_15 for 15% off), today I am going to talk about the dreaded part of cooking at home…going to the grocery store. To some going grocery shopping may be enjoyable, which I used think, till my kids started taking up the entire shopping basket, having meltdowns, and when we started to come home with “extra” items that little hands so graciously picked up for me.

***exclaimer*** when I say I hate going grocery shopping, Target is completely excluded from this conversation.


Thankfully Kroger has started a program called ClickList, aka my saving grace.

How does ClickList work? Typically, 24 hours before you need your groceries (I have been able to grab a same day time but it’s pretty rare) you go to the ClickList site and order your groceries. You can order everything from produce to certain cuts of meat and even household items. Once you have your groceries ordered you schedule a pickup time, times range from 8am to 9pm. Your time block is a whole hour so if you can’t get the kids all out the door right at 10am you have till 11am to get there.

Good thing it doesn’t matter what your kids are wearing to pickup groceries. I’m a fan of the pajamas and Toy Story hat. 

Once you arrive at Kroger you will see marked ClickList parking spots. The spots will have a phone number for you to call to let them know you have arrived. The attendant gets your items and is usually at your car in three minutes. ClickList tends to use the buddy system, where two attendants will come out, one will unload your groceries (yes, I felt a little guilty the first time) and the other attendant will go over your receipt with you and take payment. Please note for the attendant’s safety they do not take cash. If you have coupons you CAN still use them they will just run back inside to give you a new receipt. You pay by using their iPad, which feels very safe and secure.


Here are some other good to knows regarding ClickList

  • There is a charge, $4.95 (you get 3 free visits)
  • Yes, they pick your produce. I have never had an issue with the produce Kroger has picked for me. You can specify how you like your produce when you order.
  • Sometimes items are out of stock. When they are out of stock Kroger will provide you with an appropriate alternative, typically a different brand. If the substituted brand is more expensive they will price match.
  • There are occasionally things that aren’t available, mainly personal items.

Besides not having to go grocery shopping, one of the best things about ClickList is that I SAVE money. When I am ordering online I am able to check my pantry, as I go and there are no impulse purchases. It also makes using Kroger coupons super simple since you can have them opened in another tab.

Ordering through ClickList pairs wonderfully with the Six Sisters Menu Plan. When the meal plan comes on Thursday via email I just reference the provided shopping list and go right from there. After I have gone through the meal plan I figure out breakfast, lunch, and other needs we may have.

There you have it simplified grocery shopping!





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