The Simplified Series

Happy New Year everyone! Our New Year’s eve included an early celebration at 9:30 pm with my in-laws and then we all went off to bed, I hope yours was a little more eventful, but this momma was tired.


The big question I am always finding myself asking at the beginning of the new year is should I set a new year’s resolution? To be completely open and honest I pretty much stink at resolutions, how do you set a resolution when you have absolutely no idea what the year might bring. I would rather not let myself down before I even get started. However, I will say I am more than thrilled for this next year, I think God has some really BIG and wonderful plans instore for us so I am just excitedly waiting for Him to reveal them in His perfect timing.

Instead of making a resolution for the year, I decided to assign the year a word, something to continuously think about and revolve my days around. Here it is….


Yep, there you have it, my magic word for the year. I seem to make a habit of overly complicating things and when I complicate things and they go awry, I ball up and shut down. I will forever be a perfectionist, that is something that is in my blood and I cannot change, will it be hard to simplify life and be a perfectionist, yes. But if I do it correctly it could be something fantastic.

The idea to start simplifying my life came after I finished Emily Ley’s book, Grace, Not Perfection. Celebrating Simplicity, Embracing Joy.

“God cares more about us abiding by His commandments and loving big-feeling deeply alive and free from the traps of perfection and comparison. He’s watching us scurry about, saying, “Sweet girls, why are you so hard on yourselves? All this worry and busyness is for what? I’ve given you all that you need.””

Can you say WOW! This quote hit me hard, actually the entire book just seemed to wake me up and put me on my knees asking the Lord to show me how to slow down and embrace my crazy.

So, if you are wondering, YES! I highly recommend this book, best part is, it’s available on Audiable, it was a perfect listen while I folded laundry or did dishes during nap time.


My first step to simplifying was to become a meal planning pro. I wasn’t terrible at it but somehow I would always let food go to waste, I would pick overly complicated dishes that would never get completed, and many weeks I just couldn’t come up with enough things to cook, especially dishes that were fairly healthy.

The good news is that I, myself didn’t have to become a pro, there are people (six sisters to be exact) out there who are already pros at it and are willing to share their awesomeness. I decided to sign up for monthly meal plans through Six Sisters Stuff and oh my goodness I’m glad I did.

Six Sisters has taken away everything I hate about meal planning. All I do is open my email every Friday and write down the meals on my calendar. Six Sisters gives my family 6 main dishes, 2 side dishes, 2 desserts and a shopping list with their Standard Menu Plan Membership. The meals along with the recipes come perfectly laid out in a easy to read format with a shopping list that is organized to perfection.

Here is the sample meal from their website



I feel that by using Six Sisters my family is eating a healthier and more well balanced meals. Many of the meals have veggies snuck into them and use ground turkey at least once a week. Aside from them being healthier they have also cut down our eating out. We now eat out for one lunch and typically one dinner.

The meal plan is supposed to serve 6-8 people, we only have 4 in our family, two of which are toddlers but many of the meals can be easily adjusted for the size of your family just purchase more or less meat and adjust the recipe accordingly. However, most of the meals that I fix I don’t end up adjusting, since I am a stay at home mom I usually eat the leftovers for lunch and my husband will take them to work for lunch as well.

For a limited time Six Sisters has so graciously provided a coupon code for my readers so use CONFETTI_15 to receive 15% off your first payment.

I hope you can take advantage of this coupon code and succeed by simplifying.

Happy 2017,



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