Eighteen Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Christmas is in less than a week and I am so excited! This Christmas season has truly been one of the best experiences with my little guys. Something just seemed to click this year and the boys, especially Ryder (4), are just is in awe of Christmas.


I was doing one of my nightly “get in bed” warnings when I walked in and Ryder exclaimed that he had decorated for Christmas. He put socks on his dresser drawer handles for the stockings, his comforter was on the floor as a tree skirt, and he hung up a Christmas shirt on his door handle. Oh, my heart just melted at that sweet little boy.

We decided to participate in the Elf on the Shelf this year. Last year we had the plush version but the boys never fully embraced it, so I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into it. I know many parents probably roll their eyes at the efforts that some put into their little elf. Through the process of moving the elf every night, I realized that I was doing one of the most important practices of Christmas and that is giving. Every night I spend anywhere from 5-20 minutes creating something special for our elf to do, to give my children a reminder of how magical the Christmas season truly is. The smiles and look of wonder on their faces every morning over flows me with Christmas spirit.

Our elf is not a mischievous elf, he does not do vulgar or mean things, he is simply a happy elf that spreads the magic of Christmas throughout our home. I do my best to combine our elf with the true meaning of the season. My boys are aware that the magic of Christmas truly lies in a manger in Bethlehem. I personally do not see it as a problem to use worldly traditions to point my children to Jesus. Totally my opinion.

I wanted to go on and post my Elf on the Shelf ideas for this year, so they might actually be useful for you! Sorry for the crazy pictures, most were taken at night, so not my best work. Also, the majority of these came from inspirations off Pinterest.

Day one. A letter from Santa and the Elf on the Shelf Book. 

Here is the PDF for my letter: elf on the shelf letter

Day two. Sprinkle angel.
Day three. Brought Gingerbread House Kits.
Day four. Snowman (Olaf) out of toilet paper. I searched for Olaf clip art. 
Day five. One of my personal favorites. Again, just clip art for the sunglasses and sun. 
Day six. Swinging from Toilet paper roll. Its a balancing act to get him to stay. 
Day seven. Locked out. Be sure to check the forecast. 
Day eight. Harry Potter Elf. This one took a little more time, but it was a bet from my husband.
Day nine. “But I’m the ALPHA” a Jurassic World reference.
Day ten. Trying to help decorate. Wrapped the tree in toilet paper.
Day 11. Poinsettia elf. 
Day twelve. Reading to some of his Friends. 
Day thirteen. Assembled the Manger. 
Day fourteen. Cooking sprinkles for breakfast.
Day Fifteen. Giving us a simple reminder. 
Day sixteen. Going fishing for Goldfish. 
Day seventeen. Locked up in jail. I will post below where I found the printable. 
Day eighteen. Elf in a snow globe. 


This Momma Loves has some awesome printables on her blog.

BuzzFeed also has some great ideas with printables.

I hope these inspire you to get through the next week with your elf. I will post all my elf ideas after Christmas.

Merry Christmas,



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