Shipping Cookies, Confetti Style

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s a cookie post.

I am still slowly doing cookies here and there; mainly for friends, family, and some of my old favorite clients from Memphis (who I miss dearly).

I decided to do a quick post to show how I ship cookies. Shipping cookies is a time consuming and expensive venture, so be sure to price accordingly.

First, I’m going to touch on how I package, then I will hit on who I ship with!

I have a pretty high success rate when shipping cookies, I sent 150 cookies and my client told me not a single one broke…not sure if she was being truthful for just super nice ha. But just in case I always add one to two extra per dozen ordered.

Excuse the sugar skull cookies, that’s what I was working on at the time, not to take you away from the Christmas spirit.


First, I heat seal all the cookies, if the client wants them tied off with ribbon; I place the ribbon directly on the seal.

This sealer can be purchased off of Amazon


I place them face side down on a sheet of bubble wrap and line them up depending on how many I can fit on a sheet, usually three.

I then place tape on the backs of the cookies, if I have some on hand I will use double sided tape or I will use the good ole “bubble tape method.” I place another row of cookies back to back on top of the first row; this obviously works best if the cookies are the same shape.



Next, I roll the cookies over into the bubble sheet and tape the ends together and they make happy little packages of cookies.

Let’s chat about the box, for all my paying clients I buck up and buy a box. I just don’t think it’s the most professional thing to send them in a Target or Amazon box. I do use the box in a box method. That means that I have a cookie box and a shipping box. Both boxes are very similar in size, so I don’t have to use much filler in between the boxes. The cookie box is lined with bubble wrap going each way and has a small layer of paper shred on the bottom.

I place the cookies in the box as tight together as possible; your goal is to have no wiggle room. I fill any blank spaces with shred. I will layer the cookies vertically if I need to, if that is the case I will put shred on the bottom layer and bubble wrap on top of the shred. Then start the next layer of cookies.


To top the box off I will place A LOT of shred on the top (trying to keep it as tight as possible) and top that off with a layer of bubble wrap then my business card and ingredient label.


Voila! There you have it, packaging for shipping usually takes me about 2-3 hours, without toddler interruption!

Okay, so who to ship with is the big question, here are my two cents:

  • If the cookies MUST get there by a guaranteed date I only ship the cookies FedEx (typically 2-3 days). It does cost the clients a pretty penny, usually no less than $15.
  • If I am doing a flash sale I typically will ship USPS to keep cost low and since I only provide a guaranteed SHIPPING date and not a guaranteed arrival date. Keep in mind USPS does NOT guarantee the arrival date. Typically it should be between 2-3 days but I have had instances where a package took 4-5 day which isn’t cool and I just like to be prepared and aware.

Happy Baking!


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