Toddler Proof Christmas Tree

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with family and yummy food. We are still devouring leftovers over here.


My sweet Ryders fourth birthday was this past Saturday. I got very home sick missing our family and friends on his birthday. I just couldn’t find contentment in all the balloons we surprised him with, I felt like the cupcakes I made were missing people to eat them, and I wanted him to be able show off the awesome bike and helmet that he received. Needless to say, I think the upcoming holidays are going to be very difficult missing friends and family. I’m hoping that I will be able to fill our home with so much holiday cheer that I will be able to distract myself from what we are missing and focus on all that the Lord has provided us with.

With that being said we are in full Christmas mode. The tree has been cut, Santa has been visited, and the lights have been hung.

All the magical decorations also brings a little ciaos when you have a two year old and a four year old. The tree has now been redecorated a handful of times and we are minus one ornament. I try my best to buy shatterproof ornaments but sometimes a glass one sneaks its way into the cart.

Sadly my little guys aren’t exactly ready for their own Christmas tree; I would hate to see the broken ornaments and the fights that would break out because of it. I honestly try to avoid as many fights as possible.

I came up with the idea of doing a felt Christmas tree. I’m sure you are starting to see a trend, that felt has lately become my go to craft medium.


The tree took me about two hours to complete and all the supplies I used are from Michaels craft store.

You will need:

  • The Creatology Basic Felt 36×36 in green
  • Assorted colors of felt squares including brown and yellow
  • Glitter glue (used for the ornaments)
  • Tacks or a safe wall adhesive
  • Fabric garland
  • Hot glue gun and scissors


I started out by cutting out all my shapes. I used the attached templates for the star and ornaments. If you fold your felt over and trace it with a sharpie you should be able to get two to three ornaments out of each square.

Felt Christmas Tree Template

For the tree I improvised. I folded the felt in half to guarantee a symmetrical tree which also cut out half the cutting.


Next, I glitter glued the tops of my ornaments, I felt like they needed a little sparkle. You could totally go crazy and decorate your ornaments but I was nervous that they could get too heavy and not stick to the felt. Keep in mind your glitter glue will probably take over night to dry.

I decided to add some fabric garland from the Target One Stop to the tree. I didn’t do the entire tree because I wanted to make sure they had enough room for their ornaments. I also went on and hot glued the trunk and the star to the tree.


And there you have it, a tree that the kids can’t hurt and they can rearrange it on their own. By the way, I decided to make the tree at nap time, besides decorating the ornaments there just isn’t much room for toddler participation.

Happy Decorating,



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