Santa Envelope Incentive

How is everyone’s Thanksgiving prep going? I would so rather cook than clean so I found myself trying to figure out what all I can cook early. Right now I have my chicken boiling for my dressing and the bacon is sizzling for my loaded potato casserole.

Speaking of potatoes does anyone else’s toddler refuse to eat potatoes? Mine do and I think they are absolutely crazy!


I forewarned you that I was going to sneak in a few Christmas posts in so here we go…

Have you seen these adorable XL felt envelops from the Target One Stop?


I kept eyeing them, trying to figure out how to justify purchasing them. I wanted them to serve a purpose and not just something the boys draw one picture for and then the envelops disappear till next year.

I decided to turn them into a behavioral incentive, especially since I have run out of Halloween candy, I could use the extra help ha.

I went to my local Michaels and purchased card-stock ornate tags, yes, I decided to get a little fancy due to having a coupon but you could totally just cut out paper squares. I also, purchased stickers along with stamps and stamp pads which will later be used for cookie and gift packaging.


I let the boys decorate one side of the card-stock squares and I hot glued ribbon (the fuzzy ribbon was from the Target One Stop as well) to the Target envelope.


So here is how it will work…the boys will have an incentive to help out or do nice things, each time they do something good I will write it down and put it in their envelops. On Christmas Eve the envelope will be “mailed” to Santa and the big guy will see all their good deeds.


Super simple and it gives you a reason to head to Target today…not that you need a reason!

Happy Monday,




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