My Little Indians

Christmas keeps coming earlier and earlier…sorry I had to point out the obvious. I felt like Target even put all their Halloween items on clearance faster to move in Christmas, totally not complaining, but seriously my store skipped 30% and jumped right up to 50%.


Thanksgiving has always been an “off” holiday for me. Coming from divorced parents Thanksgiving always seemed to be the toss up holiday. I really didn’t fully appreciate Thanksgiving till I had a family and started hosting it on my own. This will be the first FULL Thanksgiving Day with my husband home. Being a police officer, we had to work around his schedule, so our Thanksgiving was early in the afternoon and I was always working my tail off to get the ham (yes, we are ham people, no turkey in this house) on the table.

I am so excited to be able to take this Thanksgiving nice and slow. My sweet momma will be here to taste test and see Charlottesville for the first time.

Ryder is a Thanksgiving baby so that’s another thing to throw in the pot. Last year his birthday fell right on turkey day and I seriously stuck a candle in the pecan pie…#momfail. Check out that little cutie!


I am hoping to sneak in a few of my family’s traditional Thanksgiving recipes, so keep an eye out.

The holidays have started to be so much fun with the boys. They are grasping each holiday a little more this year. We have been working hard on the story behind Thanksgiving so we decided to make Indian outfits for dinner.


Let me just tell you, I have a new found LOVE for felt. It makes kid crafting so easy.

Everything for their Indian outfits was purchased at Michaels. I was able to use one package of the large pre-cut felt sheets.



I purchased the cheap ($.79) acrylic paint, I’m not planning on washing them so I decided not to break the bank on fabric paint and the boys were able to add their own flair to each outfit.

Yes, they are in their PJ’s

I spent less than $10 for two of these and they were super-fast to create and will be so cute on Thanksgiving.

Side note, I haven’t put up my Christmas tree and I promise I’m not till after thanksgiving but I will start posting Christmas crafts very soon!

Happy turkey (or ham) day from my family to yours,



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