Getting Out of My Planner Rut

I am so excited to share this post with you. Have you ever just had the feeling that you are in a planner rut? I have pretty much felt that way for the past three years; since I started my home based cookie business and had kids that actually had their own individual schedules.


Good news is, I think I am finally out of my rut. The angels are singing from heaven (insert angelic sound) because I have found THE ONE.

In the past I have used the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and the Life Planner from Erin Condren. I’m not going to down these two planners but I will use them when explaining the differences and what I like about my new bundle of joy.

So here she is…The Create 365, Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas!



Isn’t she beautiful!? The absolutely best part about this planner is that it can be purchased at your local Michaels Craft Store. No more paying for shipping, not being able to physically see or touch what you are buying. It’s all right there. Michaels also has a large variety of accessories, which are all amazing. They even offer a hole punch to fit the planner so you can add important documents and create your own pages. Other accessories can be purchased at Me and My Big Ideas.

A little information about my planner:

I purchased The Big Happy Planner one. This planner is 8.5” x 11, (The Life Planner from Erin Condren is 7” x 9 and The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is 7.75” x 9). The Happy planner does offer a mini (4.5” x 7) and a classic sized planner (7.75” x 9.75), the reason I went with the big planner is because of the space and the horizontal layout, not all the styles seemed to offer a horizontal layout. I became truly spoiled with the Simplified Planner, it gave you an entire page for each day, yet I didn’t need an hourly layout…but I sure did like the room to write.



Side note: you can use the inserts from the classic planner in your big planner, they will just be a little shorter, which is not a problem for accessories or notes

The Happy Planners work on an “arch” ring design; the paper does slide nicely and NO more coils! You can purchase expander rings for your planner as well. I haven’t really added much to my planner and I can already tell I need to purchase the expander rings.



Let’s open her up:

Is it awful of me that I’m excited that there is no welcome letter or planner instruction page? Gosh, I’m glad I got that off my chest. I know that these wonderful women have poured their hearts into these planners but I really despise the “extras” that are often in planners, I am more than happy to only have planning pages in my planner. If I am busy enough to need a planner chances are I am too busy to read the letter or instructions…but that’s just me.

Here is my FAVORITE part about this planner. I love the “Currently This Month” page. It comes before each month. I can guarantee you that I will not use all its features, but I like that I can keep up with my top list of things each month.



I will also add that the paper in this planner is really great quality. A few of the pages are also foil pressed, which makes me feel a little fancy. I am not a paper expert but it feels thicker than The Simplified Planner and The Life Planner.

I do wish that there was an important holiday’s list. But almost all the holidays are pre-marked on the monthly layout.

Here is a glance at the weekly layout, check out all that space for me to fill up with my craziness. I do really like the notes section, which will likely turn into my meal plan list.



The extras I purchased:



I love that I can customize and add things to the planner.

I do really like a hard cover, so I purchased a hard cover attachment (in rose gold). The cover it comes with is very similar to The Life Planner, like The Life Planner this cover is also removable.


I purchased pocket folders that can be inserted in, that will be where I keep coupons, invitations, and etc.



Let talk about the STICKERS! These stickers are the cutest things I have ever seen. I have only purchased the holiday kit, but plan of getting more. The stickers are wonderful quality and it comes with so many. I was able to decorate the entire month for each holiday, with the stickers provided.

Lastly I purchased insert notes. I like to prioritize and make lists so these will be great. It comes with 60 sheets, so I didn’t insert them all.

Here is the price comparison and break down of my previous planners:

  • The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley: $58, plus $8.89 shipping)
  • The Life Planner by Erin Condren: $55 (currently of sale for $44), plus 7.95 for shipping
  • The Happy Planner by Create 365: $34.99
    • Cover: $24.99 (I got it half off for $12.50)
    • Stickers: $19.99 (sounds pricey but Erin Condren’s are $15 and I got so much more)
    • Notes: $4.99
    • Pocket Folders: $9.99 (I got half off for $5)
  • I spent $77.47 and got so much!


Helpful tip: I only use Staedtler Fineliner Pens, they are the best and can be purchased at Target.

Happy Planning


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