I’m back…well sort of

So these five months have been a whirl wind. My family and I moved from the great state of Tennessee to Virginia this past August.


The transition here has been nothing short of stressful. My husband was originally enrolled and ready to attend law school at UVA till our financial aid fell through and it was too much debt for our parents to take on and cosign for. Thankfully God blessed us with loving friends and giving family members who helped us get through a really rough patch while my husband found a new full time job.

We also discovered that we are expecting a little one mid-April!


We were finally starting to discover our new normal in Virginia, when life decided to get a little hectic again. At 16 weeks pregnant I was admitted to the hospital with extreme bleeding. I was just enjoying my early Saturday morning strolling in and out of the aisles at Target when all of a sudden I felt like my water had broke (later discovering that it was extreme bleeding). I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage, which is an accumulation of blood between the uterus and placenta. The bleeding has stopped but now has formed clots. There isn’t a lot of information out there about SHC or what causes it. Of course the side effects are what make me super nervous, they include a miscarriage and going into labor early. So I’ve decided that I’m just going to just cross my legs and not move for the next five months…my two toddlers aren’t really on board with all of that. Luckily I am not on bed rest just light duty.

Before our scare I had finally got back into cookies. I’m not really sure where I go from here with cookies. I was finally starting to feel like I was on my game again. We will see what the next few weeks have in store for team Cunningham, I’m crossing my fingers that the subchorionic hemorrhage will resolve itself by the clots dissolving into the uterus.

Sorry for the TMI. I know placenta and uterus aren’t the most appealing words for a blog…but that’s life right now.


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