Why I Use Royal Icing Mix

Let’s talk royal icing for a minute…

I feel like in the baking world things that are premixed or boxed mixed have such negative connotations surrounding them. We all like to take pride in our HOMEMADE goodies. Well this girl is going to put it all out on the table… I adore boxed cake mixes…OH NO SHE DIDN’T.

I only occasionally make cupcakes (which are usually topped with a cookie) in the business baking world. However, I do like to provide my kids and husband with sweet treats during the week, which indeed include boxed brownies and cakes. Gosh, I’m glad I got that off my chest.


Yes, I always snazzy them up a little with either pudding or added flavoring but they create a decent base for something delicious!

Now canned frosting, is in a whole different category, the only thing it should be used for are breakups and bad days.

So back to the topic at large, Royal Icing, I used to make my royal icing by individually adding each ingredient, 2lb bag of powder sugar, 6TBS of meringue powder, flavoring, and water. Each ingredient would be combined and thrown in the stand mixer. I would then transfer the mixture and divide it up in bowls depending on what I needed.  Next I would color my icing and work on achieving the appropriate consistency. I use corn syrup consistency for flooding and toothpaste consistency for piping. Let me just tell you, this process took FOREVER.

I then discovered CK royal icing MIX; it is a 1lb bag that has everything in one spot. I have even discovered that it cost less per cookie for me to do it this way as well.


Cost comparison:

Average price of a 2lb bag of powder sugar: $2.15

Average price of CK 16oz meringue powder: $28

The 16oz bag of meringue powder will get you 32TBS which should make a little over 5 batches of royal icing (6TBS per batch).

Each batch of icing would then cost $7.75 ($5.60($28/5)+$2.15(powder sugar)). If I were only mixing flood icing I would say I could comfortably get around 35 cookies.

That is $.22 per cookie

When I use that mix I always order from Cakes.com. They have free shipping and you can use WELCOME10 each time you check out for a discount of 10%. That makes the bags $3.14 each. I would say I can flood about 20 cookies.

That’s $.15 per cookie

****Please keep in mind that these are my numbers of what I use, everyone’s will vary depending on the size of your cookies and the cost of ingredients in your area****

The best part about the mix is that I seriously haven’t mixed icing in a stand mixer in FOREVER. I just do it all by hand because it comes out so smooth and I seem to work faster. Gone are the days of whipping out a whole batch of royal icing because I just need one cup of red icing, I now just mix what I need. I no longer flavor my icing either; I think it taste great on its own.

I typically go through about 15 bags of icing a week!

Here are some of my cookies from last week!


Happy Baking!




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