Cookie Decorating Classes

So I promise I haven’t completely disappeared. This is a crazy season in the cookie world, there is just so much to celebrate, which is one of my top reasons for doing cookies. I love those clients who I have done their wedding shower, baby shower and now first birthday cookies, gosh, it just gives me the warm and fuzzes.

Here are some of my favorites from the past two weeks, I’m seeing a trend ha…

I am doing almost 350+ in cookies this week alone, we are at 200 as of right now and its only Tuesday ahh (hopefully my kids will behave).

Today, I wanted to show you my layout for putting on a cookie class. Cookie classes are so much, I have offered them for about a year now and they were never very popular; before this spring I had only done one class for the whole year.

This spring/summer I wanted to offer a summer series of parties and I got a wonderful response!


I set up my class very different than most, I actually go to a hostess’s home. The hostess has offered her home to a minimum of five friends and we sit around and laugh (sometime drinking wine) while we decorate yummy cookies. I currently do not have the space, nor have I been able to find a venue that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg, so this system has works out wonderfully. I also enjoy how comfortable everyone feels around their friends, it makes me less nervous and more confident.

P.S. The hostess does get to keep my cookies as a little thank you!

I charge $18 per person. The hostess either pays up front for her guests or they can all collect money and send it to me at least two weeks before. The class takes anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.

Each guest gets a little gift bag, which includes my cookie recipe, a tipless bag, and a boo boo stick (PME two and one tool). I do take the hit of the boo boo stick but they are such a wonderful tool for the parties especially with the spatula end. I also snazzy it up with cute matching napkins and plates for them to decorate on.

Each guest gets to decorate six cookies. The designs are pretty simple, for we are really just getting over the hurdle of flooding and it allows those who just don’t get it to still have nice cookies and the ones that excel can still make their creativity blossom.

FullSizeRender (12)


My hostess will preheat her oven to 170 so we can quick dry them for 12 minutes for them to take home after they have cooled for about 5 minutes.

Some of our finished cookies…

Happy Baking!





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