Confetti Cookies Favorite Vendors

Happy Saturday!

The spring is always the craziest time of year for me when it comes to cookies. As soon as Easter rolls around that means its game time. Lately I have been doing anywhere from 13 to 20 dozen cookies. This week was 24 dozen.

With all that being said I have to also have a pretty awesome team of vendors behind me. I would like to take a little time to share with you my favorite vendors and what I purchase from them.

IMG_2648 (2)


  1. Cheap Cookie Cutters. They are my first go to when I am looking for a cutter. They are SUPER fast with shipping and I have never had any issues with them. They are probably the most affordable on this list. Coupon code: 5OFF
  2. Truly Mad Plastics. Wonderful cookie cutters and customer service. They are also fast with shipping. I have also ordered one custom cutter and it was flawless.
  3. Whisked Away Cutters. I have a cookie crush on ALL of their cutters. Most of my favorite plaque cutters are from them. I will say they are probably my most expensive cutters that I purchase.
  4. Bobbi’s Cookies and Cutters. I just had my first experience with Bobbi’s cutters this past week. Her cutters are awesome and working with her on my custom order was a breeze. Bobbi also makes these awesome stamps that you can stamp your logo or flavor on the back of the cookie…So COOL!

Tipless Bags:

  1. Truly Mad Plastics. I just started going tipless about two months ago. TMP kept sending me samples of bags and I finally gave in and now I am addicted!

Cookie Bags:

  1. Staples. I use the 04” x 2” x 8”, 1,5 mil, Gusseted Poly Bags. They come with 1000 bags for $15.49. Saying the shipping is fast is an understatement. They are like magically super fast. Sometimes I get them within two days of ordering.

Cookie boxes:

  1. BRP Box Shop. These boxes are unlike any you will find in a bakery store. They are sturdy, fashionable, and soooo easy to put together. I have heard from others that they have incredible customer service. You can also order a sample pack of boxes where you only pay for shipping, this is great for testing out sizes.

Box Shred:

  1. Nashville Wraps. This is one I am still debating on. I love Nashville Wraps, they have some of the cutest packaging, ribbon, bags, and specialty boxes but their shipping is a little high to me. A 10lb box of shred is $27.45 but they charge shipping and their own handling fee making it $52.73.


  1. Cookie Countess. Wonderful stencils that hold up great. I also love her cookie scraper for stenciling with icing.
  2. Buttercup Love Designs. I used just recently for a custom order and I will for sure be ordering all my custom stencils from her for now on.

Other odds and ends:

  • Rolkum Gold: I use TMP .
  • Stencil Genie: The Creative Cookier. I am just blown away with The Creative Cookier’s products. They are so inventive and well crafted, you can never go wrong with a product from them. They also offer very fast shipping time.
  • Cookie sticks and scribe tools: The Creative Cookier .

All these vendors are truly fantastic. And they all totally deserve a cookie!





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