Pic Tap Go Photo App

Today I wanted to make a quick post about an amazing app I have been using for several months now. The app is called Pic Tap Go. It’s available in the app store for $1.99; currently it’s only available for iPhones.



Right now my pocketbook can’t swing the dSLR and to be completely honest, I wonder if I would actually use it. We are always on the move so my iPhone is what I use to capture all my photos weather it’s of cookies or of the boys. Most of the time I am just lucky to get pictures of my cookies period. I typically am bagging or plattering cookies minutes before pickup and have just enough time for a quick shot.

I have considered buying a light box from Amazon and they aren’t all that expensive, it just seems like more stuff for me to find a place for in our apartment.

The wonderful thing about Pic Tap Go is it’s not pre created filters. You get to adjust everything for that specific photo.


I have some sample photos…

The “recipe” that I usually use for my photographs typically is a variation of:

  • Lights on
  • Cool It Down
  • Shadows
  • + Contrast
  • Awake

All of my backgrounds for my cookies come from SwankyPrints on ETSY.

I hope this helps some of you capture beautiful photos.




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