My Lipgloss is Poppin

I come from a long line of women lipstick lovers. From my great grandmother to my mom we have always been obsessed with our lipsticks, chapsticks, and gloss. Growing up I can remember my moms large arsenal of products in her attempt to find the right shade, one that lasts, and will also keep her lips moist through the day.

I am not a beauty expert in any way; my makeup routine is fairly basic so you will not see many makeup posts on this blog. But more importantly I want to share with you when I find a product(s) that works and can be a go to in any busy woman’s life.

Today I am chatting about how I said goodbye to my NARS Satin Lip Pencil.


The NARS Satin Lip Pencil is a good lipstick; it comes fourteen shades, which can be purchased from Sephora. Even though it is called a pencil, it can be used just like a lipstick. I first received it as my birthday gift from Sephora. I got a red, Cruella and a dusty pink, Rikugine. I ended up breaking the bank and purchasing the Rikugine for $26.

It finally came time where I was in need of a new lip pencil. I was cringing about spending the $26 for it again. $26 is the to the point that I have to tell the husband about it. I was also dreading the moment of taking the boys into Sephora, yeah that never goes very well.

While I was at Target I decided to venture down the makeup aisle. I came across L’oreal Paris Le Matte Lip Pen in Game, Set, and Matte. I figured I would give it a try for $8.54, especially if it keeps my checkbook happy and I don’t have to trek through Sephora with the little ones. BEST $8.54 spent. It is long lasting and highly pigmented. I love the matte yet it keeps my lips super hydrated.


To take that pigment one step up, especially for it to POP during the spring season I started using the lip pen with Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Cherry Blossom.  WOW! What a powerful combination that compliments each other so well. This is the perfect spring time color that will last all day.

This is a picture from Easter. Check out those lips! This was after driving two hours, eating Easter lunch, doing a Easter egg hunt, devouring dessert, and giving a few kisses and it looks flawless.


Give it a try, I love mixing my “nicer” Sephora products with awesome drugstore finds.





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