Move Over Fairies…We Have A Dinosaur Garden

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect.

Since the weather was so wonderful we had made plans to go to the Memphis Zoo, but our zoo is currently undergoing some parking changes/adjustments to the point that there isn’t any parking. Gosh, I hope they get that figured out soon. We ended up turning around and taking the boys to see Zootopia. Yep, that’s right we take our 3 and 2 year old to the movies. They actually do pretty well. In the summer our theater runs discount movies in the mornings so the boys luckily had remembered their theater etiquette. Oh, let me not forget the two drinks and large popcorn we ended up purchasing to fill their chatty mouths. I will also add that this was a pretty cute movie; I loved seeing police officers being represented in a positive way. It did get a little slow and long near the end but we actually made it through. A big plus is that there is plenty of parental puns including a Breaking Bad reference for you to enjoy as well.


After enjoying the movies the boys and I decided to start a dinosaur garden. I know you’ve heard me mention just how much they love dinosaurs…I mean they really LOVE them. As I was researching outdoor activities to do with kids fairy gardens kept popping up. I would seriously adore making a fairy garden, but God placed me in a home with a bunch of boys, so scratch that. Then the light bulb came on and I saw a dinosaur garden…heck yes we can do that.


So my first step was to track down some dinosaurs. You need these dinosaurs to be the solid plastic ones and relatively close to the same size. Let me just say dinosaurs are sooooo expensive, I just don’t get it. I ended up putting an ISO (in search of) on my local resale site and one of my amazing friends saw it and gave me three perfect dinosaurs…FOR FREE.

Next we headed to Homedepot, with our dinos in hand. I wanted this experience to be all about making these dinosaurs a home. This was the perfect moment to teach Ryder (3) about plants. He picked out his own plants based on the tags that had orange (shade plants) on them. I decided to go only with shade plants, that way they can stay under our awning and when we go to take care of them I don’t have to worry about sunscreen as much.

We ended up buying a large pot; Jett picked the light green, a bag of pea pebbles to put in the bottom for drainage, potting mix, and three plants (I will be more specific at the end).


We put a small layer of pebbles on the bottom of the pot, this will help with drainage and I think it will be great for when the boys are playing, it will be too heavy to tip. Then goes the soil on top!

Now for the plants!


I ended up picking out this Sedum Tile plants. It has great texture and a variety of color for our dinosaur garden. It was super easy to work with, it came in a 7×7(ish) inch square and you can just cut it to fit where you need to place it.


I also purchased some large black pebbles from the dollar three that make a nice dino path.

Here come the dinos…Our pot fit three comfortably, four might be a crowd.


Gardening is such a fun activity to do with kids, it provides you with so many teachable moments as well. I think gardening is a beautiful way to show my kids God’s love and how He provides for us. As long as we continue to feed and nurture our plants they will grow, just like our Christian faith.

They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord, for the display of his splendor! Isaiah 61:3b

RAWR! Happy planting!




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