All About That Gold

It was all gold this week, two of my sets included some major gold action and I am OBSESSED!

I wanted to briefly touch on how I get my gold. I believe I use a slightly different method than many cookiers.

I have gone through many trials with finding a great gold here are the products I have tried:

  • Wilton Pearl Dust– Gives you more of a sheen, not really great for a strong gold.
  • Gold glaze– Works pretty well but is finicky. It also smells strange and if used in large amounts can add a taste to your cookies.
  • TruColor Gold Shine Food Paint– I really like this product because it is all natural and actually gives great color. I do find that for painting it has to be pretty thick. This product can only be used for about an hour or two because it is perishable.

So are you ready?!? Here is my new favorite combination ekkk…

I use Wilton gold Color Mist mixed with Rolkem Supers Gold and this combination is amazing! It has the perfect consistency and only takes one really good coat (I put two to cover up and missed spots).


I always flood/pipe the gold areas with AmeriColor gold. This gold is more of a sunflower yellow but provides you with a great base.


When I am getting ready to paint I put the spray in a bowl first (look away when spraying) and then mix with the Rolkem. I would say its about 1/4th teaspoon of Rolkem to 1 teaspoon of spray but I honestly eyeball it till it has a good, painting consistency.


This is the best method I have found and the results are amazing, in my opinion.


Happy baking!




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