Let’s Get Gardening!

Recently we moved into an apartment due to my husband needing to live in city limits due to his job. Not to be completely discouraging but it is incredibly difficult to be in a apartment with kids. Gone are the days that I could open the backdoor and let the boys and dog run free in a gated backyard, gone is the sprinkler system for hot days and barbecue this summer. To live in an apartment with kids it takes EFFORT.

I am not going to turn my kids into TV and IPad junkies, though I will say that almost happened this winter. For this spring/summer I am already planning activities that will get us out of our 1000 square feet that we feel confided to. Our first activity is a porch garden, yep that’s right I am not letting this apartment take away my garden.

Now, let me tell ya this, when we fist moved into our home three years ago it had no landscaping so we attempted trees, bushes, flowers, and even roses…I killed 85% of them. I have a serious under or over watering issues and I don’t like to read the tags of what might actually grow in my flowerbeds, I went with what looked pretty. Oh, maybe I should add that my dad is a farmer ha. I’d like to think just maybe I have learned my lesson.

How will the garden work in an apartment? Well, that’s a surprise for a later blog and I am in the shopping phase looking for 2-3 large containers.

To begin our garden adventure we are starting with the seeds (much cheaper than buying plants), I needed to get my seeds started mid march so they would be happy and healthy plants to be placed in the container garden by May.

This is a wonderful time in the process to involve your kids.


Here is what you need to start a simple seed starter garden:

Seed starters- these are great because you can put them directly into soil when you’re ready

Various seeds (we are using carrots, yellow squash, green squash, bush beans, and a variety of flowers)

Plant markers- Mine are from Michael’s

Potting soil


We are also doing a indoor herb garden using these adorable pots from Target.

Lets get planting!


I wish I could tell you this is how it really went, two calm brothers planting seeds, and being sweet, but I’d be lying.

They ended up dumping most of the soil and burying their Matchbox Cars in the dirt, you could say I was left with a mess to sweep up!


Here are my plants three weeks in. They are growing strong and I can’t wait to share my container garden in a month!

FullSizeRender (10)

Happy planting!




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