Dinosaur Egg Soap

Don’t put those Easter eggs up just yet!

Have you seen the super cool BuzzFeed video floating around making dinosaur egg soap, if not here is the link.

Gosh, they make it look super simple so I decided to give it a try, especially since my boys are obsessed with Dinosaurs!

What you need:


Empty egg carton

Clear Glycerin Soap

Soap Colors

Mini Dinosaurs

Easter eggs


Measuring cup

What is clear glycerin soap? Here is a little information I found regarding glycerin soap. I have an eczema baby, so I try my best to research everything we put on his skin. The soap that I purchased at Hobby Lobby (don’t forget your coupon) is a natural clear glycerin soap (be careful there is an unnatural glycerin soap). Glycerin soaps are known to be moisturizing to the skin and will dissolve faster in water (perfect for our eggs). Glycerin soap is from plant based oils and is actually very beneficial to the skin. It is perfectly safe and even better for little ones than commercial soap.



  1. Use the tape to seal the holes on the tops and bottoms of your eggs. And place them in the carton.
  2. Melt your clear glycerin soap in a microwave safe measuring cup. My soap needed about 2 minutes. I used about three quarters of the 2lb block and it made roughly eight eggs. I would think the whole 2lb block would make between 12-14 eggs.IMG_2352
  3. Color your soap. There is no clear direction as to how much color to add, I used 5 drops and was satisfied.
  4. Pour the soap into one end of the eggs, WORK FAST and insert one dinosaur in each. Some of my dinosaurs had too long of tails and I had to cut them off ha. IMG_2359
  5. Wait for about 40 minutes and fill the other end of the eggs. Immediately close the egg with the harden dinosaur end on TOP. They can be hard to close so be careful. Set the egg back in to carton with the liquid side UP.
  6. Allow to dry for an hour.IMG_2366
  7. Opening the eggs was a huge challenge. Some of the soap got into the seam. You just have to squeeze all around the egg till the sides loosen up. I ended up using scissors to pry them open BE CAREFUL!
  8. Rinse them off with hot water and smooth the seam out with your hands.IMG_2360

I think I am a crafty person but these were a little more difficult than I thought they would be, now I understand why Etsy sells them for $2.50+ per egg. It is also pretty messy and like I mentioned before you must work fast, I had to re melt my soap twice. I was kind of bummed that the boys really could do anything with this project; I mean you are working with hot liquids and a finicky process. So this might be a mommy nap time craft.  For my soaps I attempted eight eggs and came out with five good ones, some of them I just didn’t fill enough, but they are still totally usable.




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