Part two of Holiday Cookies

First off, am I the only one who is sad to take down my Easter decorations? I love how bright and cheery my Easter decorations make our home.

On Saturday I talked about my mistakes and how to avoid them if you are a holiday cookier. So today I wanted to briefly touch on the sets I did this year and some techniques.


First we have the BIG bunny, this guy measures out to be 7.5 inches. I honestly have NO idea where this sweet cutter came from. But I have used him for two years now. I priced him at $10 with three minis, top seller.


TIP: when doing large cookies they are super easy to break. When you ice your cookies they become soft due to the moisture in the icing, so you really need to support the entire bunny when packaging. I think I beheaded two this year. Also, with large cookies you must work FAST when flooding or areas will start to crust before you have completely finished, potentially leaving you with cracks or an unsmooth surface.

Next up the Mini Chick/Carrots, these are mini flowers inside of a carrot/chick egg, purchased at Dollar Tree. Sold for $4 but was a bad seller.


TIP: pick something simple for minis and take small items of a deluxe set to make into a smaller set.

The Carrot Patch Basket, I bought these baskets three years ago from Target ($3 each), I used them for my first Easter but stock piled them so I had extras for this year. They had five cookies included. Sold for $18 and sold out


TIP: For these cookies, I cut all my cookies at a quarter of an inch (which I typically do). Since the cookies just needed to stand up and not necessarily need height, I just inserted a toothpick directly in the middle of the dough. I’m very leery of nonfood grade items touching my cookies; obviously my Dollar Tree green shred isn’t food safe so the toothpicks gave them a nice lift off the shred. I have the toothpicks inserted into craft foam. Also, if you fancy it up people WILL PAY.

Can you see my toothpicks?

Lastly, Rabbit Face Cookies, these were so cute. The cutter is from Whisked Away Cutters. Sold for $2.75 and sold well.

FullSizeRender (2)

TIP: putting cookies on sticks can be a difficult challenge. My cookie friend, Amanda, with Semi Sweet Confections shared this tip with me, cutout your cookies like normal (quarter inch in my case), place the stick on top of the cookie and press down (not all the way through), next place a sliver of dough on top of the stick and bake! Ice the top of the cookie like normal, the icing will seal down that sliver of dough, insuring everything is secure. This method has worked every time for me.

Fun fact, my Easter backdrop is a Easter dish towel from Dollar Tree 🙂

Happy Baking!





  1. Cute cookies!!! I just bought that cutter and plan to make the bunny faces for Orthodox Easter on May 1st (it’s late this year). What size bags did you use on yours? The cookie is pretty wide and I want to be sure to have bags ready. Thanks so much.

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