Teach Me Time! Talking Bedside Alarm Clock and Night-Light

My little boys have turned into very early risers in the mornings, which has been bad news in the Cunningham house. With my husband being a police officer he works evenings, so he doesn’t get home till about 11:45 on a good night. I always stay up and wait for him, so we get to bed around 1am.

When our boys started waking up at 5:30 that meant that we were getting just shy of five hours of sleep. Ben and I are sleepers; it is physically hard for us to function without at least seven hours. Plus, it was costing us a small fortune with how much coffee I was drinking :).

FullSizeRender (7)
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee Oh yes, and I am a HUGE fan of the Starbucks Verismo

I started trying everything. Putting them down early and putting them down late didn’t matter at all. We have a pretty strict bed time routine, nothing crazy but I am always sure to stick to it pretty well.

The other down side that’s fighting against us, is that our boys share a room. We just recently moved into a small apartment and this is our only option. So when one boy is awake so is the other.

Just to give you a little more of my crazy…when we put the boys to bed I have to put Ryder in his bed in their room and Jett starts sleeping in our room in a pack and play. I wait for Ryder and Jett to fall asleep and I move Jett into his bed…yep, absolutely INSANE. I do this because the boys would play in their room till midnight, so this solution has worked great, they both fall asleep within 30min of being put down, it’s just incredibly awkward.

So now on to my greatest purchase EVER…


Teach Me Time! Talking Bedside Alarm Clock and Night-Light. ($39.99)

There is also the, OK to Wake! Alarm Clock and Night-Light. ($29.99)

FullSizeRender (8)

Both of these clocks are made from the same company and can be purchased at Target or Amazon. The reason I bought the Teach Me Time version is because it’s a clock that will grow with them, that includes the OK to Wake feature. This clock can later serve them as an alarm clock and a clock that has games to teach them time, I figured those features are worth the $10 instead of buying a second clock on the road.

How does the OK to wake feature work? I set the clock night light (glowing yellow) to come on at 8pm so it can serve as a night light when the boys go to bed.


Then we set the transition time to 7:30am that is when the clock will turn green and they are allowed to come out of their room. The green goes off at 8am. Ryder (3) loves structured activities like this, every night we ask him “when do you get to wake up” and he responds “when the light turns green.”


It’s not to say that we haven’t had a few hiccups. Jett (2) sort of gets it, but he is way too excited to eat waffles in the morning and escapes, so we put him back in the room and remind him to wait for the green light. Sometimes Ryder attempts to barricade Jett in the room till the green light comes on, which usually turns into a fight but overall they do great. It’s much better than them waking up before the sun which means a happy momma and daddy!







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