My 15min of Spring Break Quiet

I’m not sure about your little ones but mine are on spring break, and considering that I have what feels like a million cookies to do this week for Easter, I would say it didn’t come at the best time. Yes, Ryder is the only one who goes to school and only on Tuesday and Thursdays but sometimes those are my golden days.


But my answer for 15 extra minutes of quite time this week are these adorable Easter Foam craft kits from my local Michaels Craft store.

The best thing about these little saving graces is that they give the boys the opportunity to add their own touch to our Easter décor.


Now are you ready for my whole hearted confession…after the holidays I TRASH them. I know how could possibly trash my little Picasso and Di Vinci’s art work? I have noticed that after my mom started handing me down my boxes of “collectables” and when we moved from our house into the apartment that boxes and clutter seem to get in the way of making new memories. With the 50% off sales at Michaels these little crafts were $1.50, so I think trashing them is OKAY!

Good luck momma’s who are on Spring Break at home with the kids!




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