Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I tend to usually forget about St Patrick’s day in my holiday line up! But I wanted to make all the boys in the house a sweet treat. In our home we will use any excuse to eat sweets.

I am a HUGE fan of rice crispy treats, I hate the ones in a box but homemade rice crispy teats taste like heaven, I mean it’s butter and marshmallows, what could go wrong. My rice crispy treat obsession pointed me to the conclusion to make Lucky Charm treats for today’s festivities.

You can use your favorite rice crispy treat recipe and just substitute Lucky Charms


Lucky Charm Treats:

½ cup salted butter (one stick)

1 box of Lucky Charms

8 cups of marshmallow’s

Optional: green food coloring

Melt butter and marshmallow’s over medium heat.


Once melted take off heat and add the food coloring, once well combined add the cereal. Pour treats in parchment lined 9×13 pan.


***Tip: use a rubber spatula sprayed with cooking spray, to spread them smoothly

Allow to sit for 4 hours till hardened. Keep in air tight container


These treats are magically delicious and hopefully will leave us with good luck on our Easter egg hunts this weekend.




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