Easter Egg Trials

It wasn’t till I had kids of my own that I truly appreciated my mom and all the times that she took on the gross job of blowing out eggs for dyeing. To be 100% honest I didn’t know that you had to physically blow them out till a few years ago, yes it makes perfect since, I just didn’t put much thought into it pre kids.

Now there are a few tools on the market, I have a feeling a lot of them do not work but the One Hole Easter Egg Blower Tool Pysanky Blowing (what a name) seems to have good reviews on amazon…maybe next year.

For this Easter egg dyeing adventure I decided to test a few old school methods.

The first test was to get the holes. We tested two methods,


  1. Using a small nail and hammer: It works, but if you are using your manly husband as your assistant, his man power might be a little too strong, we kept getting cracks.IMG_1985
  2. Using a screw driver and small bit: This was the WINNER for us. It let my assistant feel slightly manlier and went in super smooth. Another plus for this method, is it can be a “scrambler” for your eggs if you let it spin for an extra second or two while in the egg, which will let the yolk come out easier.


***Tip: Put packing tape on the egg where you are about to drill. It will keep everything together and go in smooth. Also helps prevent a mess. I do recommend that two people conquer this part and the next, you really need someone to hold the egg.

Please tell me I am not the only one who finds this next part absolutely disgusting. It’s time to blow the contents of the egg out. Again we used two methods,

  1. Using a syringe and water: For this method you fill a medicine syringe with water and use the water to push out the contents. My syringe was a little large for this method. We had to keep making a larger hole to get enough water pressure. It kind of worked.IMG_1986
  2. Using an empty water bottle: This was my husband’s idea. Using the smaller end of the egg you put it flush to the opening on the water bottle then squeeze all the air out of the bottle, kind of like a mini air compressor. You have to do this about three times for the egg to empty. We also went through two bottles for a dozen eggs because the bottle got weak.IMG_1988IMG_1987

We put twelve eggs through the tests and came out with nine ha. I think we have a decent method, but I for sure want to purchase a contraption for next year.

Now to the fun part…DECORATING!

I had picked up this adorable kit on Easter clearance at Target last year. We just did swater and vinegar dyeing for these.  I put Ryder in charge of dyeing these eggs.



For little Jett, I wanted to try something different.

All you need is shaving cream, food coloring (we started with three), toothpicks, and a container


Put about 2 inches deep of shaving cream, drop random spots of coloring, and then swirl the colors around in your cream. Now the fun messy part, have your little one roll the eggs in the shaving cream. Take the eggs out of the pan and allow the eggs to sit for about 5 minutes and then wash them off. This was my favorite experiment and turned out so cool. It would be a great outside activity.

The end results…



I think we ended up with some pretty awesome eggs this year and some very happy little boys.






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