Princess Cookies

A short cookie post to end the weekend.

By Monday of next week I will have done about 500 cookies and then Easter cookies start so we kept it light this weekend. I only took one order this week and it was princess cookies for twin girls turning four. Each little one picked their favorite princess which included Princess Aurora and Rapunzel.


These cookies were pretty straight forward, however I had never done quilting or a castle cookie.

Here is our cookie cutter and icing lineup…



Like I mentioned earlier quilting on the number four was a new technique for me. I was a little scared but went for it with cookie legend Sweet Sugarbell and her amazing tutorials. The scariest part of quilting is cratering, when air pockets get into your icing causing it to cave and/or crack. I used about a 20 second icing.

This is my setup, I used the Pico projector to project a grid on the cookie. Sorry for the terrible pictures, I’m still getting used to taking pictures at every step.


You want to grid every other row before starting the next section. I did my best to not let the squares touch each other. Let your icing dry for about 2 hours before starting the next row.


End result…

I was pretty unhappy with them at this stage, but once you add the white dots somehow it magically comes together and….NO CRATERING.


I’m so happy with the end result and a sweet message from my client was the sweet icing on top on my cookie!








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