Essentials Oils on a Budget

I would say it’s been about a year since Essential Oil craze began. I was first introduced to them from my sweet best friend when she was in town for a visit last summer. I couldn’t figure out what she kept dabbing on her temples. So finally I asked, and she explained how great the oils have been on helping her chronic headaches.

It has taken me now a full year to jump on the bandwagon. Yes, I just started using them about two weeks ago. I realized that my family needed an alternative to sinus medication. We are that family, where one of us is always sneezing, blowing our noise, itching our eyes, or cringing from a headache. I think it’s safe to say we are a healthy family; it’s just these Memphis allergies that KILL all four of us. As far as medication our go to was always Sudafed, Benadryl, Zyrtec, and some good old Tylenol, yes they worked when we were sick but I didn’t feel like they prevented and that’s what I was searching for.

From my understanding essential oils are teeny tiny molecules and are easily absorbed, so that’s how they can “attack” all the bad, yucky things. With that being said here is my disclaimer…for something to be so tiny it has to be powerful, so please be careful and do your research if you are using them with kids.

With all the background information out of the way here is where my tight budget was a factor. There are two leaders in the Essential oils business, Young Living and doTerra, both of these companies are MLM (Mulit-level Marketing), meaning that you either need to buy from someone who sells them or decide to sell them yourself. I have heard some really wonderful things about both these companies but this isn’t really something that I wanted to do nor did I have to cash to do so. The information is kind of hard to navigate through on both the websites but what I have gathered is that it would have cost me anywhere from $192.00 to $275.00 to purchase a starter kit that would have included about ten essential oils and a regular diffuser. Now please don’t quote me on the numbers, but this is what I could find.

So what oils did I buy…

After A LOT of research I went with Edens Garden. One of the best parts about this company is that they are a faith based brand. Edens Garden also gives 10% back to various organizations. They have beautiful packaging, free shipping, and a great variety of single oils and blends. I spent $54.90 and got thirteen wonderful oils.


Here are my other essential oil tools…

  • The diffuser was $24.98 off Amazon. My diffuser is a 100ML; it currently serves our kitchen, living room and dining room. I never put more than 3-5 drops for the day time when the boys are up and 5-7 drops when it’s just me. I run a lot of citrus during the day, the citrus gives a nice odor eliminator and boosts our moods and energy; it’s also an immunity builder. At night we do lavender and tea tree oil; the lavender is calming and the tea tree has antiviral properties.
  • Five roller bottles for $4.95 off Amazon, these are great for the bottom of little feet or mommas aching head. I will be posting some wonderful family friendly recipes next week.
  • I also later purchased almond and grapeseed carrier oils for $4.95 each at the Vitamin Shop. Carrier oils are oils that you put essential oils in to make them safe to put directly on the skin with your roller bottles.


So I spent $94.73! No, I don’t have ALL the oils that I want but I will slowly build my arsenal as time goes on.

I personally DO NOT at recommend that you ingest essential oils. Again these are powerful and should be talked about with a doctor.

I hope this gives some insights to those who are still on the essential oil fence!

Love, Morgan



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