Bicycle, Bicycle, I want to ride my Bicycle!

Bicycling has become a family favorite activity for Team Cunningham. We, the responsible adults that we are, spent our tax return last year on (midrange) fancy bicycles….and maybe a trip to Disney (I know Dave Ramsey would be so proud).

I can remember the pre-tax return HOURS Ben and I spent at Dicks, Walmart, Sports Authority, Academy, and of course Target pricing and drooling over all the bikes. So what was up with our bike fascination anyways? No we are not crazy athletes, no we are not training for the tour de France, but we were looking for a healthy activity that the whole family can do. Since our kids are younger it’s hard to go to the gym as a family just to stick them in the nursery and to be completely honest walking seems to just take too long. The bikes were a fast pace solution that we all could do together.


Here are the gadgets that we purchased and some insight on them…

The bikes…

Both our bikes are hybrid bicycles. We picked a hybrid bike so it would be more comfortable and be able to handle whatever adventure we decided on that day.

  • My bike is a Nishiki, which can be purchased at Dicks for about $250-$350. The challenge for me was my stature; I am only about 4’11 on a good day. We would go in the store and I would seriously look like I was trying to mount a horse. I even had one guy suggest that I look at the YOUTH bikes. Yes, I would love to have flowers and butterflies on my bike while I’m with my two kids and husband. Anyways, the Nishiki bike fits ME and is seriously as light as a feather.
  • Ben’s bike is a Diamond Back, which can be purchased at Dicks for about $350-$500. It looks super cool and he seems to love it. Yep, that’s about all I got for this bike.

Other important gear…

  • Our Trailer is a Schwinn 13-SC821. I actually purchased it off a resale site for $50, it had only been used once and most of it was still wrapped in plastic. This is an AMAZING trailer. Bike trailers can carry kids from 1-6 years old. It also comes with the attachments that you can use it as a double stroller. To me personally, it’s a little stout for a stroller especially when you add 55 pounds worth of toddler in it. When you are shopping for a trailer they vary in price A LOT anywhere from $79-$1,000, here are the things I looked for…bike tires, you will find some have plastic cheap wheels on them, a safety flag, plastic cover/windshield, and that it folds down nicely.


  • Bike pants. Yes, make the splurge or change out your seats. Hybrid bikes have lightweight, uncomfortable seats on them so your bottom will thank you.
  • Helmets
  • Bike hitch
  • Decent pump
  • Extra tire
  • Kickstand (still am amazed we had to buy those)
  • Reflectors/flashing lights


I hope this post inspires you to get out and feel the wind in your hair; spring is the perfect time of year to hop on a bike. And, no you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on it, but if you’re just starting out it is a costly activity.

Family Tip:

Near the top of this post I referred to my family as “Team Cunningham.” When my husband and I went through a parenting class at church, this was one of the ideas that was brought to us, especially in having all boys. Team Cunningham has been a way for the boys to get excited about our family and about activities we do together. I encourage you to try it.


Love, Morgan








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