First off, Welcome

Hi everyone and welcome! I am so elated to be here. My husband and I have been praying hard on me starting a blog. I have so much to share and can’t wait to get to know many of you through this experience. I pray that in some way I can bless those women who read this post or future post while on the journey of motherhood.

For this first post I just wanted to further introduce you to my crazy family!


Ben is my college sweetheart (Hotty Toddy and Go Ole Miss); we met almost seven years ago! Ben is so smart and loving, he’s also a “jack of all trades,” a (wannabe) outdoors man, a super guitar player, pianist, and a book worm. We have a non-traditional, crazy schedule because he is a police officer. He works evening shift (3-10:40) so I try and put a lot of effort into our mornings and prepare a yummy lunch most days. The schedule is challenging, and our weekends are only traditional weekends for about three months of the year.  It’s a hard adjustment but this experience has brought us so much closer together. He is my rock, my best friend, and keeps me on my toes.


Ryder (3) is the oldest. He was born the winter of our senior year in college. Ryder is a lanky little boy who is very particular about things but at the end of the day he absolutely loves to make people laugh. Ryder also is obsessed with matchbox cars and Target (my child indeed).


Jett (2) is my little linebacker. He will jump over, crawl under or bust through anything and everything in his path. Jett adores his brother; anything that Ryder is into is what Jett will be into that day. Jett loves to love; he has such a big heart at the little age of two.


I have some great post planned for the week so stay tuned and I would love to hear from you!

Love, Morgan


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